After years-long legal battles with his former employer, a Wigdor LLP client was found to own 10 percent of Stan Deutsch Associates (SDA), a lighting design company and its subsidiary.

A prominent employment litigation firm, Wigdor was featured in New York’s Leading Lawyers 2016 and secured this verdict in The Commercial Division of the Queens County Supreme Court in New York.

The client, salesman Louis Bell, was terminated by his long-time employer in 2013 at the age of 71 on the same day that his wife of 40 years passed away from cancer. He alleged he was a shareholder in the family-owned business through a contract he signed with SDA and its subsidiary in 1978. SDA ignored the existence of the agreement and would not acknowledge his ownership status, which prompted Mr. Bell to file suit.

The decision, issued on Jan. 18, 2017, by the Honorable Marguerite A. Grays of the Queens County Commercial Division, ruled in favor of Wigdor’s cross-motion for summary judgment, and held that that Mr. Bell is in fact a 10 percent owner of SDA and LMM.

In a parallel suit, Wigdor alleged Mr. Bell was unlawfully terminated due to his age, a request for certain workplace conditions and due to his health.

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