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John R. W. Cracken

Personal Injury

John R. W. Cracken

We joint venture class actions and mass actions with many of the top trial and appellate lawyers in the U.S. Our philosophy is to engage in comprehensive diligence before we fi re the fi rst shot; and, we pride ourselves on seeing angles and value others overlook.

$1,510,000,000—biotechnology, negligence case (2017)*

Kudos to our co-counsel on this result—
Lisa Blue (Dallas, TX), William B. Chaney (Dallas, TX), Clayton A. Clark (Houston, TX), Don M. Downing (St. Louis, MO), Francisco Guerra IV (San Antonio, TX), Peter J. Flowers (Chicago, IL), Daniel E. Gustafson (Minneapolis, MN), Scott Love (Houston, TX), Richard M. Paul III (Kansas City, MO), Martin J. Phipps (San Antonio, TX), Scott A. Powell (Birmingham, AL), Lewis A. Remele Jr. (Minneapolis, MN), Ashlea Schwarz (Kansas City, MO), Robert K. Shelquist (Minneapolis, NM), William R. Sieben (Minneapolis, MN), Patrick J. Stueve (Kansas City, MO), and Mikal C. Watts (San Antonio, TX).