Lawyers from Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison Jones P.C. and Grotefeld, Hoffmann, Schleiter, Gordon, Ochoa & Evinger, LLP settled a lawsuit on behalf of the City of West in Texas against various chemical companies following a 2013 explosion that killed 15 and ravaged the community. As the trial approached, on Jan. 16 the City of West approved the settlement with CF Industries, El Dorado Chemical Company, International Chemical Company and Adair Grain, Inc., manufacturers and suppliers of ammonium nitrate arising out of the fertilizer plant explosion that devastated the tiny central Texas community on April 17, 2013.

In addition to the fatalities, several other injuries were reported and the parts of the town were leveled. The explosion damaged streets, water lines, sewer system and other City infrastructure.

City of West is required by law to disclose the amount of the settlement when a proper request has been made for that information. Having received such a request, the City of West can state that it has agreed to resolve its lawsuit against all defendants and will receive a total of $10,443,000 to compensate the City for damages not covered by insurance or grants from governmental agencies. CF Industries will pay $6,400,000 to the City. El Dorado Chemical will pay $3,900,000. Adair Grain, Inc. will pay $143,000. International Chemical is included in the settlements with CF Industries and El Dorado Chemical.

The City of West was represented by Steve Harrison, Zona Jones, Bryan Harrison, and Matt Morrison of Harrison Davis as well as Mark Grotefeld and Pat Gareis of the Austin law firm Grotefeld Hoffmann.

“The resolution brings to a conclusion more than four and a half years of litigation by the City against the fertilizer manufacturers,” Harrison said. “This is a very good outcome for the community and we could not be more pleased for the folks of West.”