Tarter Krinsky & Drogin’s (TKD) hard work in Park Slope, Brooklyn is materializing for all to see.

Construction has commenced on Nitehawk Cinemas’ new Pavilion Theatre on Prospect Park. Led by construction practice chair David Pfeffer, the TKD team represented Nitehawk in its endeavor at 188 Prospect Park West at 14th Street. The $50 million rehabilitation and modernization of the property will give way to a new 34,000 square foot facility that will host screenings and an upscale menu when it opens in early 2018. The project had been in development since November 2016. The new theater will be on the site of the original 1928 Sanders Theatre and Nitehawk has gone to great lengths to preserve some of its architectural details.

TKD has carried out a wide range of work for the client over the last five years, starting notably by persuading the State of New York to change its liquor regulations to allow Nitehawk to sell alcoholic beverages to be consumed during film screenings.

The firm’s construction practice has been very busy reviving parts of New York City. As previously reported, TKD was instrumental in the opening of the Brooklyn Mirage in East Williamsburg and the transformation of the long-abandoned RKO Keith Theater into a residential property while maintaining its landmark status.

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