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Burlington & Rockenbach, P.A.

Civil and Appellate Litigation Leaders

From left to right: Andrew A. Harris, Nichole J. Segal, Bard D. Rockenbach, Adam J. Richardson, and Philip M. Burlington.

Burlington & Rockenbach, P.A. is a full-service civil appellate law firm, representing clients in a wide variety of appellate and trial matters. Th e Firm has successfully appealed hundreds of cases for its clients over the years, which include cases pertaining to tort, medical negligence, insurer bad faith, family law, commercial disputes, insurance coverage, and Engle progeny cigarette liability claims. The Firm has also successfully assisted trial counsel in litigation matters that have resulted in a positive result to the client. The Firm’s five attorneys, four of whom are board certified, and four paralegals have the experience in appellate law and procedures to handle all aspects of a client’s case, taking it from trial support to the Florida Supreme Court. Trial attorneys from around the state have come to rely on the Firm’s experience to create a winning strategy when the case is first filed, and to handle issues as they arise later in the litigation. Engaging the Firm as part of the trial process gives boutique trial firms and solo practitioners the resources of one of the largest appellate law firms in the State of Florida.


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