Shegerian & Associates secured a substantial jury award on behalf of a victim of gender discrimination and retaliation at UCLA. On Feb. 15, a California jury found the Regents of the University of California liable for discrimination against Dr. Lauren Pinter-Brown on the basis of gender. They also found that the defendant retaliated against her for complaining of discrimination and harassment, ultimately leading to her resignation.

A 13-year employee of UCLA’s Medical Center, Pinter-Brown was most recently the director of the school’s lymphoma program. Her career was highlighted by exemplary peer reviews, awards, and accolades. Until 2013, she was one of only two senior female faculty members in the program.

On February 15, a Los Angeles jury found in favor of her claims of gender discrimination and gender retaliation, awarding Dr. Pinter-Brown $3,011,671 in loss of earnings against UCLA and an additional $10 million in damages for emotional distress, for a total verdict of $13,011,671.

“Dr. Pinter-Brown was an outstanding employee and doctor during her entire tenure at UCLA,” said Carney Shegerian, Dr. Pinter-Brown’s trial lawyer. “She was clearly retaliated against due to her gender and for speaking out against harassment by a male colleague and morally treated wrong by her employer and superiors. A California jury of her peers vindicated her complaints. Hopefully, what appears to be an institution-wide problem of sweeping gender inequality under the rug can start to be fixed.”

The case was #BC-624838. Visit here for another recent Shegerian & Associates result