Attorneys from Panish Shea & Boyle LLP (PSB) and Scott J. Corwin, APLC secured more than $6.2 million for an elderly woman whose legs were severely injured by a tour bus in 2015 in the middle of a Los Angeles intersection. The announcement was made last week and the verdict was rendered in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Central District.

Plaintiff Soila Enriquez was represented by PSB partner Adam Shea and attorney Patrick Gunning and Scott J. Corwin of Scott J. Corwin, APLC. The 70-year-old was struck in the middle of a crosswalk at the intersection of Boyle Avenue and Cesar E. Chavez Avenue. The plaintiff did enter the crosswalk in violation of C.V.C. ยง21456; after entering the crosswalk and taking several steps, Ms. Enriquez was struck by the turning tour bus and fell to the ground, where the right rear tires of the bus ran over her lower legs.

As result of the incident, the elderly pedestrian suffered severe lower leg injuries, including bilateral tibia and fibula fractures as well as de-gloving and scarring, leading to the development of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and other complications. The injuries required several surgeries, and will require additional pain management care, surgeries, and additional in-home care in the future.

In deposition prior to trial, the defendant bus driver testified he had an unobstructed view of the entire crosswalk before he began his right turn, and performed the turn safely. However, at trial, the defense and their expert witnesses were forced to admit that the driver’s turn was made using several inappropriate techniques. Proper turning and looking techniques would have let the bus driver see Ms. Enriquez in the crosswalk and take action to ensure her safety.

The jury found in favor of Ms. Enriquez, awarding a total of $6,298,237 in damages, including $898,237 for past medical expenses, $1.4 million in future medical expenses, $2 million in past general damages and $2 million in future general damages.

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