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The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm

Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Mass Tort, Qui Tam, Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm

Empathy, passion, and resilience have been trademark characteristics of The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm in our past 40 years of experience. We as a firm focus on fighting for the rights of those who have been placed in vulnerable positions, and are in need of legal support. Our attorneys have a breadth of experience advocating for those with cases pertaining to medical malpractice, personal injury, foster care neglect, nursing home neglect, construction workers’ compensation under labor law, and 9/11 injury compensation. We also advocate for cases involving civil rights violations such as police brutality, protection of prisoners’ rights against cruel and inhumane treatment, and employment discrimination. In addition, we work for justice on a broader scale through class-action and whistle-blower Qui Tam lawsuits. We focus on approaching each case with an individualized and fresh mindset—as no two persons’ circumstances are the same.

In our time of advocating for people in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we have received cases that have been too challenging for less versatile law firms. We use our ever-expanding perspective to forge original arguments and paths in order to win varieties of cases. This perspective arises from not only our many years of dedication and our breadth of casework, but also by working as a multi-faceted team—our attorneys ranging in legal focus and experiences. We dedicate ourselves to each person’s case with creativity and persistence to achieve justice for clients faced with emotional, physical, and mental harm. We believe that your story deserves to be heard, and fought for.


The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm: We can help when the unimaginable happens.


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