New York’s 2018 Leading Lawyers

Weber Gallagher

Retail, General Liability, Products Liability, Labor And Construction Law, Professional Liability

Weber Gallagher

Weber Gallagher

Scott W. Bermack, Partner

In 1991, seven attorneys left the nation’s oldest firm in Philadelphia to start a firm that could deliver defense legal services more efficiently. That firm, Weber Gallagher, has since grown to 10 offices and more than 110 attorneys, with comprehensive expertise in defending employers, retailers, professionals, businesses, and institutions across a range of litigation matters.

“Weber Gallagher is first and foremost a client-driven law firm—able to quickly assess cases and provide clients with legal strategies centered on their business goals,” says Scott W. Bermack, who recently joined the firm as a partner. “I care deeply about my clients and their businesses, and the fact that Weber Gallagher values the client-attorney relationship so highly is what attracted me to the firm.”

Bermack is a seasoned trial attorney with almost 30 years of general and professional liability experience. He has concentrated much of that time in the arena of retail defense, and serves on the executive board of, and as general counsel to, the National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association. Among his results, Bermack has won a number of high exposure cases—many of which were considered unwinnable—in such plaintiff -oriented venues as the Bronx and Brooklyn.

“I’m very excited to lead Weber Gallagher’s first full-time New York office, and help the firm compete in a tough and crowded legal market,” says Bermack, who for 30 years was also licensed as a New York State property and casualty insurance broker. “With our experience, we can help businesses by protecting them from nuisance suits through catastrophic injury cases in a cost-effective yet zealous manner.