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Morelli Law Firm

Experience Makes the Difference

Morelli Law Firm-Experience Makes the Difference

Morelli Law Firm-Experience Makes the Difference

With decades of expertise and a proven track record of winning, Benedict Morelli has become a sought-after advocate in complex, newsworthy cases.

Over the years, Morelli Law Firm has built a reputation as the civil litigation firm you call to handle high-profile, challenging cases against some of the world’s largest and most powerful corporations. It is the firm’s impressive history of taking these cases to trial—and winning—that has helped distinguish it from its competitors.

“Trying cases is a lost art,” says firm founder Benedict Morelli. “We’re not looking for a quick settlement at the expense of our clients. We are uniquely qualified to handle cases from start to finish and will do what it takes to receive the justice our clients deserve. It is our ability to successfully litigate cases that allows us to take on any adversary, big or small.”

Most recently, Morelli achieved a verdict in a high-profile case against the United States Tennis Association on behalf of Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard. The jury ruled in Bouchard’s favor after less than an hour of deliberation, finding that the USTA was responsible for a head injury she suffered in a trainer’s room during the 2015 U.S. Open.

After a late-night match at the 2015 U.S. Open, Bouchard was caused to slip and fall on a cleaning substance that had been applied to the tile floor of the trainer’s room within the women’s locker room. As a result, Bouchard sustained a serious head injury, and was forced to withdraw from the Open, where she was still slated to compete in the women’s singles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles brackets. Her injury also caused her to withdraw from several subsequent tournaments.

“When Genie came to me, it was clear that she was seriously suffering from her injury,” Morelli says. “We knew it wouldn’t be easy taking on the USTA and that the case would receive significant public scrutiny—but I promised Genie we would bring her justice, and that’s what we did.”

Morelli and team took the case to trial in federal court in Brooklyn. After the jury ruled in Bouchard’s favor, finding the USTA liable for her accident, the organization sett led the case before the jury could render a verdict on damages. “We are always prepared to go to trial to ensure our clients are fully compensated,” Morelli notes.

Morelli has a well-established track record of obtaining justice for his clients in other high profile and catastrophic personal injury cases; notably, he successfully represented actor and comedian Tracy Morgan in his lawsuit against Wal-Mart over a New Jersey highway crash. The firm also served on the Plaintiff Management Committee for the 2015 Philadelphia Amtrak derailment that left over 200 passengers injured and 8 dead. Morelli and other members of the Committee helped ensure that the victims received a record $265 million settlement.

The firm has also racked up impressive, record-setting verdicts in less high profile but equally important cases. Some of these more notable results include a $95 million jury verdict in a workplace sexual harassment case, the largest single-plaintiff sexual harassment verdict ever. In 2010, Morelli was also lead counsel in a polio vaccine case that led to a $22.5 million settlement, the largest vaccine verdict in U.S. history. Additionally, in 2014, Morelli obtained a $62 million verdict for a 20-year-old construction worker who was caused to fall from a roof while working, and, as a result, sustained a traumatic brain injury.

The firm is currently representing hundreds of women in cases against Johnson & Johnson alleging that their use of the company’s talcum powder caused their ovarian cancer. The firm also represents more than a hundred clients in products liability litigation against the manufacturers of IVC blood clot filters. Additionally, the firm represents a number of clients who were seriously injured in truck accidents.

In all these matters, Morelli says it is the experience that comes with decades of results that ultimately makes the difference: “Our skill in the courtroom is a major advantage, and the reason we can litigate important cases against substantial opponents and win.”

—Sean Stonefield