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Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff, LLP

Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff, LLP

Since its founding over sixty years ago, Bergman Bergman Fields & Lamonsoff,LLP has earned its place among the most prominent personal injury law firms in the country and has successfully represented thousands of accident victims.

The firm continues to expand with offices in Queens, New York City, and its 6000-square foot building in Nassau County. This year proved to be the firm’s most successful in recovering compensation for their clients.

Clifford D. Gabel and Thomas S. Russo Esqs., recently joined this team of seasoned lawyers. Both men have decades of experience and are well respected trial attorneys who have attained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients.

“Our clients are victims of devastating injuries. They are often left vulnerable and financially behind the eight ball. We are entrusted with the awesome responsibility to restore their quality of life and recovering for them ample compensation for their loss. We take this responsibility extremely seriously.” says Mr. Bergman.

Bergman, Bergman, Fields & Lamonsoff, LLP has obtained many six- and seven- figure verdicts and settlements. Partner, Seth Fields says, “We leave no stone unturned in pursuit of maximum compensation for those we represent.”

An example of some recent successful verdicts and settlements the firm achieved for its clients are:
• $3.1 for a man struck by an ambulance.
• $3 million dollars for a construction worker who was injured when he fell from a platform.
• $3 million for a man who suffered a head injury.
• $1.5 million for a moped operator who lost part of his leg.
• $1.25 million for a woman who fractured her ankle upon being struck by a car.
• $1.25 million for a woman that injured her neck when a drunk driver made a left turn in front of her.
• $1 million for a woman who required spinal surgery following a rear- end collision.

Partner Eric Lamonsoff says, “Great results start with frequent one on one communications with our clients. Through communication, we learn and are continually reminded of the many ways our clients’ injuries have diminished their quality of life and, just as important, the lives of their family members. Only by understanding an injury’s impact, are we able to effectively convey the devastation to responsible parties and jurors alike.”

Mr. Lamonsoff notes “We don’t like surprises. We aggressively investigate the facts of each case from the get go, we seek out witnesses while the event is most clearly recalled. We meticulously review every page of every medical record and we retain the most qualified experts to provide a jury with the utmost justification to award our clients maximal compensation. There is no substitute for preparation.”

In addition to building strong client relationships, the firm employs an unyielding negotiation prowess and an aggressive litigation style to ensure clients receive full compensation. From the outset, every case is fully prepared for trial, regardless of whether it involves an automobile or construction accident, a premises or products liability matter, or a medical malpractice suit. Moreover, cases are managed as a team, with the partners discussing every aspect with an eye toward maximizing recovery.

Mr. Bergman says “We recognize that clients are putting a lot of trust in us – their case represents their sole opportunity to obtain justice. So, we do everything in our power to earn their respect, and we never waver from our goal of obtaining an award that fully compensates them for their injuries.”


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