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Joseph Carcione Jr

The mission of Carcione, Cattermole, Dolinski, Stucky, Markowitz & Carcione is not only to provide just compensation for its injured clients, but to help make the products we use, and rely upon, safer. Throughout its history, the firm has served as a strong advocate for consumers, particularly in cases involving dangerous and defective products.

In 2016, for example, after a four-week jury trial, the firm obtained an $8 million verdict against baby product manufacturer Evenflo, with the jury determining that a standard Evenflo mattress had suffocated a 7-month-old baby. Initially, the cause of death was ruled sudden infant death syndrome, but the law firm proved that the death resulted from a mattress found in millions of homes across the country.

“This case highlighted a tragic and underreported problem in the United States—babies who suffocate from sleeping on mattresses that aren’t air permeable,” says attorney Joseph W. Carcione, Jr., who is now working to pass legislation ensuring that all baby mattress pads are breathable.

Among its other achievements, the firm prompted legislation outlawing baby walkers in California day care centers after obtaining a jury verdict that found a standard Century Products baby walker had caused the death of a one-year-old. In addition, the firm’s $296 million verdict against Ford Motor Company for a rollover accident influenced efforts to strengthen the roof support of vehicles. The jury in that case determined that the standard roof of the Ford Bronco was defectively designed and had killed three people and injured three others.

“We’ve worked hard to achieve the highest standard of excellence in representing our clients,” says Carcione. “As a result, we’ve not only obtained many multimillion-dollar recoveries, but we’ve also helped to modify the behavior of powerful corporations and governmental entities.”


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