Insurance and injury law firm Mostyn Law won a significant jury award on behalf of Southeast Texas homeowners who were affected by Hurricane Rita in 2005. A Jefferson County jury sided with David and Sue James last week, and found that the couple’s insurer, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA), unfairly and deceptively refused to confirm its liability and settle the damage in 2007.

The jury found the James’ should receive $51,000 from TWIA for their initial property damage and an additional $130,000 as reasonable and necessary legal fees for Mostyn’s 10 years of services to the plaintiffs.

Mostyn Law proved that TWIA knowingly acted in bad faith, which was significant in convincing the jury to rule in the plaintiff’s favor.

Gregory F. Cox, Mark Sparks and Justin Burrow of Mostyn Law represented the plaintiffs at trial.

“TWIA knowingly violated the Texas Insurance Code,” said Cox in a news release. “That’s why penalties and interest are appropriate here. Currently, Texas law protects homeowners from insurance companies trying to ‘starve you out.'”

According to a statement, the case marks the final civil damage suit between a homeowner and TWIA stemming from Hurricane Rita, which ravaged coastal Texas in September 2005.

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