The-Miller-Law-FirmThe Miller Law Firm continued its fight on behalf of condominium associations in Ladera Ranch, California regarding construction defects found in their residences. During mediation on August 29th, the firm reached a settlement with the defendant for approximately $4.7 million for association members of a 152-unit project. The identity of the property, the defendants and the insurers are strictly confidential under the terms of the final settlement agreement.

This marks the fourth construction defect settlement The Miller Law firm has secured for Ladera Ranch homeowners associations in as many years, bringing the total recovery amount to $12 million.

The SB 800 claim and subsequent litigation concerned deficiencies in building construction and materials including the siding, plumbing line leaks, roof, balcony decks, streets and sidewalks. This development, like others in Ladera Ranch, was plagued with significant copper plumbing leaks that cost the Association thousands of dollars to repair during the course of the lawsuit. These repair costs, along with the cost to replace the plumbing system in its entirety, were a large part of the settlement.

The plaintiffs were represented by senior partner Rachel Miller and chief executive officer Thomas E. Miller.

“While the identity of each association remains confidential under the Developer’s settlement terms, it’s important to be aware that this is not the only community in the highly-affluent Ladera Ranch neighborhood to undergo the construction defect claims process,” said Ms. Miller. “Upscale developments are not immune to sub-standard building conditions or builder claims, and as consumer advocates, we believe these strict confidentiality terms to be a disservice to owners and buyers investing in these luxury communities.”