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Duffy & Duffy Law

A Powerful Advocate for Injured Victims

Since its founding in 2001, Duffy & Duffy has become one of the region’s largest and most successful plaintiffs’ law firms, with a team of lawyers that includes some of the most accomplished practitioners in the field. Together, the firm’s lawyers serve as staunch advocates for injury victims throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties as well as the five boroughs of New York City.

“We understand the needs of Long Islanders, and when someone harms our clients, we see to it that things are made right,” says managing partner Michael Duffy. “Our goal is to ensure that defendants stand up and take responsibility for the harm they caused, instead of hiding behind attorneys or insurance companies.”

Wide-Ranging Experience That Gets Results

Duffy & Duffy offers proven expertise, having handled the gamut of catastrophic injury matters, particularly complex cases involving medical malpractice, automobile and work place injuries, and nursing home abuse.

“With so many distracted drivers on the road, and too many nursing homes putting profits over proper care, our lawyers have become very skilled at addressing these instances of injury and abuse,” notes Michael. “Insurance companies are often quick to place blame on the injured party or minimize the significance of their injury; but we are here to make sure there is real accountability.”

Indeed, since 2001, the firm has successfully settled hundreds of significant cases, with well over 100 multimillion-dollar settlements. Among its landmark cases and awards, the firm obtained the country’s highest personal injury verdict in 2007; the third highest verdict in New Jersey history in 2008; the second highest medical malpractice verdict in Suffolk County history in 2003; and the highest recorded medical malpractice settlement in Suffolk County in 2004.

Still, Michael notes that more than the dollars, the firm’s most significant cases are those where the firm was able to change society for the better: For example, through one of its cases, the firm was able to ensure the constant presence of a neonatologist during births at a community hospital—an improvement that benefits all Long Islanders.

Justice Secured in the Courtroom

Key to the firm’s success has been its experience in trying cases, as well as its exhaustive approach during the investigative process. “While there are firms that rarely take a case to trial, and prefer to settle matters, we believe the defendant’s insurance carrier has to realize we mean business, and that we’re not afraid of a fight in court,” Michael says. “Ultimately, this tough approach to negotiation means better recoveries for our clients.”

Duffy & Duffy is highly selective about the cases it accepts each year as a way to provide every case with the full scope of the firm’s resources and trial expertise. After taking a case, the firm’s trial lawyers then work to establish a team that can achieve the best possible outcome for the client. This team includes respected medical experts, who ensure the firm only brings the strongest of claims.

“Part of why we’re so selective about our cases is because we’re mindful that, for example, when we sue a physician, that physician’s reputation is at stake. So, before we file such a case, we make sure we’ve done the work and are certain about the medicine: A defendant may try to mislead a jury, but we only file cases we know have merit,” Michael says. “Not to mention, our selectivity allows us to get to know every case better than anyone else in the courtroom, which is the surest way to get justice for our clients.”

This rigorous approach has led to a number of accolades for the firm’s attorneys from prestigious organizations such as The Best Lawyers in America and Who’s Who in America. Jim Duffy in particular is widely considered one of the nation’s premier malpractice attorneys, and currently serves on the board of directors of the New York Academy of Trial Lawyers, of which he is a founding member. In addition, Cliff Argintar, who has a reputation for being among the best trial lawyers of his generation, recently joined the firm.

Personal Service from a Family Oriented Firm

From its inception, Duffy & Duffy has emphasized family: in addition to the father-son team of Jim and Michael, the firm includes two more of Jim’s five children—partners Mary Ellen and Sean Duffy—and lifelong family friend partner Jim LiCalzi. This familial environment extends to the service the firm provides its clients, which stresses a personalized approach.

“Complex litigation cases may last several years, so it’s important that we build client relationships that last,” Michael says. “That means getting to know our clients, making sure to return their phone calls, and being available to meet with them to discuss their concerns and answer their questions—essentially, treating them the way we would want our family members to be treated.

“While there are many lawyers to choose from, Duffy & Duffy is the right choice, because unlike with insurance companies, our clients are not just a number or a file—they are part of our family.”


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