Tampa-based personal injury firm Givens Givens Sparks won a substantial jury verdict on behalf of their client, a woman who suffered permanent brain damage resulting from being struck by a commercial pick-up truck’s sideview mirror.

In December, attorney Christopher Codling and partner Robert Sparks convinced a Tampa jury that their client, Stephanie Ming, continues to exhibit symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury, including memory loss, confusion, and other cognitive issues after she was hit by a vehicle while walking on the side of the road on Christmas Eve of 2011.

After a five-day jury trial in Hillsborough County where Gerelco Traffic Controls, Inc., the defendant, ultimately accepted fault for the incident but continued to deny the victim had suffered any permanent injuries, a six-person jury awarded Ms. Ming a $30 million verdict for injuries and damages sustained, including past and future medical expenses, past and future pain and suffering, as well as the impact on her past and future quality of life.

“The pure negligence and disregard for their wrong doing and the impact it had on our client’s life was troubling on multiple levels,” said Christopher Codling, lead counsel for the case. “Not only the driver, but also the company that was ultimately accountable for the use and/or misuse of their commercial vehicles, circumvented any responsibility in this matter.”

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