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“Nation’s Top Attorney
Fee Expert” – theNALFA.org

A versatile, highly experienced, complex-case trial lawyer, John O’Connor has for over 25 years devoted a significant portion of his practice to attorneys and attorney fee disputes, both as an expert witness and as a litigator, bringing a depth of expertise as an expert witness only an experienced litigator can offer.

O’Connor has tried a wide variety of cases in federal, state and arbitration courts throughout the country, including professional liability, attorney fee and law firm buy-out cases, as well as a diverse litigation mixture including intellectual property, construction, employment, tort, civil rights and business claims. is experience allows him to identify inefficiency in litigation management.

He has frequently associated with other firms to provide trial and deposition assistance, either on behalf of a separate co-party
or as co-counsel, and often serves as local counsel. O’Connor and Associates prides itself on being cooperative, responsive and efficient.

O' Connor & Associates