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Zuckerman’s,Vengeance Is Minestates, “[ Jay] Goldberg held a reputation as the city’s best and brightest trial lawyer. He had mastered a style of cross-examination that le witnesses gasping for breath; he had an energetic, courtly manner with a jury and a style of summation of eloquent fury.” Seidemann’s, In the Interest of Justice: Great Opening and Closing Arguments of the Last 100 Years has been described as a compendium of “Americans greatest courtroom speeches beginning with the Scopes trial and the summation of Clarence Darrow,” of which two of the 20 courtroom arguments selected are those of Mr. Goldberg. President Trump stated in a writing that Goldberg was “the most important lawyer in his life.” He was appointed by Attorney General Kennedy as Acting United States Attorney for the Northwest District of Indiana, and served as Counselor to the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

Jay Goldberg, PC