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295 Madison Ave, New York, NY, United States

DAVIDA S. PERRY, the Managing Partner at Schwartz Perry & Heller LLP has spent her legal career fighting for the rights of victims of workplace discrimination. Among her landmark achievements is a ruling by the Court that sexual harassment can be proven by the victim’s testimony alone, as well as the appellate court order affirming that the New York City Human Rights Law was constitutional. This paved the way for victims of discrimination working in New York City to avail themselves of one of the most protective and comprehensive human rights laws in the country. Most gratifying was a $6.6 million jury verdict for a plaintiff who endured sexual harassment and retaliation. Notable as well, as examples, are jury verdicts in favor of an employee who suffered retaliation for $2.5 million and a jury verdict in favor of a victim of sexual harassment in the amount of $1.33 million. Ms. Perry is often called upon to lecture before business groups and associations on workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. Ms. Perry is a proud supporter of the “#metoo” and “#timesup” movements. There is definitely no going back!

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