2018 New York's Leading Family Law Attorneys

Bikel & Schanfield

Naomi Schanfi eld, Dror Bikel, & Eileen Gong

Bikel & Schanfield is not just a leading family law firm—it is the only family law attorney in New York City who focuses specifically on trial practice. Bikel & Schanfield’s trial success is due largely to its focus on advance preparation and information gathering early on in each case. Dror Bikel is a sought-after author and speaker: he is the co-author of a forthcoming book about examining neutral forensic custody evaluators, and he is frequently invited to give presentations on trial practice. Bikel is also the author of “The 1% Divorce: When Titans Clash,” a forthcoming book about divorce trial practice in New York City.


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New  York,  NY 10017
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