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The Levoritz Law Group

By assembling an all-star team of highly skilled legal talent, Levoritz Law Group has taken a holistic approach to a wide range of legal issues—civil, criminal, business, matrimonial, and appellate law, as well as bankruptcy, immigration, and estate planning/elder law matters.

“We’ve put together a knowledgeable team of specialists to give our clients a high level of expertise on any issue that may come up in a case,” says Yonatan Levoritz, the firm’s founder. “By pooling our skills and looking at the bigger picture, we’ve been able to tackle even the most complex and high-profile cases.”

Levoritz has experience in several areas, including business and civil law and appeals, and he has long specialized in matrimonial and family law. In fact, he handled his first custody case as a third-year law student working under a student practice order. He also drafted several appeals—some of which made case law—well before he graduated.

During those early years, Levoritz was heavily influenced by the lawyers he worked with in family and matrimonial law. He notes that they often took a holistic approach to their matrimonial cases, and that they themselves handled matters with trusts and estates, asset protection, and criminal issues. Indeed, rather than referring clients elsewhere, they used their knowledge of a client’s case to better manage various related issues.

When Levoritz established his own firm soon after law school, he modeled his practice on this holistic approach. “Starting out, the jobs that were available to young lawyers pigeon-holed them into certain aspects of the process,” Levoritz recalls. “You couldn’t see the big picture; the job was always about examining one piece of a case, and then putting the case together like it’s on a conveyor belt.”

Levoritz promised himself that he would do things differently from other firms. And so, the Levoritz Law Group’s eight attorneys have leveraged their combined knowledge and experience to help clients. By working together, the team brings the same high level of personal attention and dedication to each case, no matter its size.

“Many lawyers warn not to make your cases personal,” says Levoritz, who is AV Preeminent® rated by Martindale-Hubbell®, the organization’s highest rating for legal ability and ethical standards. “But we’re fighting for people. So while it’s important to be objective, it’s just as important to empathize with the challenges our clients are facing.”


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