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Ronald H. Roth, P.C.

Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

Ronald H. Roth, P.C.

For the past three decades, the law firm of Ronald H. Roth, P.C. has been successfully practicing law in the areas of personal injury and medical malpractice with one singular goal in mind — to efficiently achieve maximum compensation for its injured clients.

With this goal in mind, Ronald H. Roth, P.C. and its superb support staff have achieved successful results in over 5,000 cases — and the firm’s astounding client base only continues to grow.

Because of the firm’s track record of success, the vast and constant stream of new clients comes almost entirely from prior clients’ referrals. While many clients have received upwards of million-dollar recoveries, the firm prides itself in treating each and every client like family — no matter the size of the case. To Ronald H. Roth, P.C., every client is equally important.

Integral to the firm’s success is its thorough, attentive, and professional approach. Ronald H. Roth, P.C. is a client-focused firm, which is immediately apparent from the very first introductory telephone call between a client and the firm. Additionally, all clients are guaranteed continuous, immediate access to an attorney.

According to Ronald H. Roth himself, “Nothing excites us more than obtaining a spectacular result and changing a client’s life forever. We take great pride in seeing that justice is done.”

Ronald H. Roth, P.C. has been successfully representing injured clients since 1990.


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