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Gregory Antollino, Esq.

Employment law, Civil Rights, Meditation

Gregory Antollino, Esq.

I’ve been practicing since 1994. I believe the law is an art. If a science, it is completely imprecise and unpredictable. I take risks; I like cases with unanswered questions. J’adore aussi the art of the trial and oral argument: addressing jurors and judges. But some cases are simple and can reasonably settle. Here are some of my victories:

  • Retaliation Case: $900,000, 2015;
  • Race Discrimination: $250,000 settlement 2017; $240,000 verdict, 2005;
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Excited, honored and thrilled to argue to 13 judges of the En Banc Court of Appeals for the U.S., 2d Circuit, 2017: Is sexual orientation discrimination covered by federal law? Wish me luck!
  • Disability Discrimination: $6,000,000 jury verdict; in another, $450,000;
  • Criminal Procedure: People v. Coppez, 7-0 decision, New York Court of Appeals (video: www.antollino.com/victories)

All of these mentions mean something, but hire an attorney with an ability to communicate how you’ve suffered. I’m a writer and a debater: How do I know I understand your suffering, or whether it’s enough for a lawsuit? I don’t, but know it when I see it. You’ll like me or hate me. The law is an art, after all, not a science.


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