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New York Post My Boss Harassed Me for Being Native American

Tomahawk’s lawyer, Schwartz, lamented his client’s position. “Doormen and porters are subjected to horrible abuse in too many buildings. Minorities, especially Native Americans like Mr. Tomahawk, are victimized even worse,” Schwartz said.

The New York Times Newsstand to Reopen, After de Blasio Helps

“It wouldn’t have settled without Bill de Blasio,” Delakis’ lawyer, Arthur Schwartz said. “I think we can say that this is the first of the callous Bloomberg actions toward the little guy in New York, toward the other New York, that have been reversed by Mayor de Blasio.”

The New York Times Fight Over Manhattan Apartment and Surveillance Cameras Lands Tenant’s Guardian in Court

“All I did was abate the harassment and turn evidence into the attorney general,” Mr. Schwartz said after his arraignment. “It’s preposterous that I have to go through this.”

The New York Times A Brownstone and the Bitter Fight to Inherit It

Arthur Z. Schwartz, a lawyer who is representing Mr. Doyle, said there was legal precedent for such an argument. More important, he said, was the simple issue of fairness. “I thought there was an injustice,” Mr. Schwartz said.

Huffington Post Success Academy Hit With More Criticism Over Infamous ‘Got To Go’ List

“After years of claiming that Success provides a path forward for Black and Hispanic children, the experiences of our clients lay bare the contempt that Success Academy has for their wellbeing,” attorney Arthur Schwartz said in a statement. “The approach on display at Success Fort Greene, which is about test scores and not educating children, was, I am sure, not created by principal Brown, but came right from the top. It has no place in public education.”

Westchester Journal News Embattled Rye Teacher to Return to Classroom

“The treatment of Carin Mehler — holding her up to public ridicule, assigning her to a windowless room for a year and ‘reassigning’ her to work at home for a second year — was contrary to everything we teach our children about our country,” her attorney, Arthur Schwartz said in a statement.

New York Post Women Who Exposed Sexual Harassment at Con Ed Seek $20M

Two women who first exposed Con Edison as a hotbed of sexual harassment and discrimination claim state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman barely included them in a deal that netted workers as little as $5,000 each.“The women were very annoyed that the AG did little consultation with them about settlement,” said Guy and Curtis’ attorney, Arthur Schwartz.

New York Daily News Con Ed Changes Mind, Will Hire Long Island Woman Rejected Because of ‘Sexually Explicit’ Image on Instagram

“We appreciate Con Edison’s rapid resolution of this dispute and the sensitivity of the posting and its frank discussion of homosexuality. Ms. Chirichella is a smart, capable woman, whose father is a ‘lifer’ at Con Edison and they will not regret this decision,” Schwartz said.