Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd managing partner Jacqueline Newman recently published Soon To Be Ex: A Guide to a Perfect Divorce & Relaunch.  

Borrowing from the “choose your own adventure” format, Soon To Be Ex starts with a wife’s point of view. The story begins by examining the would-be divorcée’s motives to help her reevaluate if a split-up is the right move for her or merely a “grass seems greener” situation. If the marriage is truly on the rocks Newman guides her soon-to-be ex-wife readers through the divorce process from A to Z.

The book also focuses on children of divorce and offers thoughtful advice to help women lessen the effect of a divorce’s emotional turbulence on children.  

Newman also has special expertise counseling wealthy couples, as well, and is able to provide insight for those who are in the “1 percent,” including:

  • Celebrity Divorces (managing valuable brands in a breakup)
  • High Net Worth Split Ups (for the moneyed and non-moneyed spouses)
  • Grief-Saving Prenupts and Postnupts
  • Special Millennial Divorce Issues (for the startup generation)

Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, was featured in the 2016 edition of New York’s Family Law and Trusts & Estates Lawyers of 2016.

Visit here for Ms. Newman’s Leaders In The Law directory profile. Soon To Be Ex is published by Sutton Hart Press and more information can be found here.